LA Zoo Website Redesign


Complete redesign of the LA Zoo website. Built using Sage 9 Laravel Wordpress theme, Advanced Custom Fields and custom Gutenberg blocks

Case Study: LA Zoo Website Redesign


The Los Angeles Zoo, a prominent wildlife conservation and entertainment institution, sought to revamp its online presence to enhance user experience and showcase its diverse array of animals and events. This ambitious project marked a significant milestone for the development team, with the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative design elements.

Role Evolution

As the newest member of the development team, my initial role in the LA Zoo website redesign project was to assist my manager who was lead developer at the time. However, owing to my commitment, passion, and quick grasp of the project's intricacies, I rapidly transitioned into the lead developer role freeing up my manager for other commitments. This shift was a testament to my ability to understand and navigate complex development challenges.

Learning Laravel and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP

One of the project's key requirements was the use of Laravel and OOP in PHP using the Sage theme for WordPress to ensure a robust and scalable backend. Despite being my first exposure to Laravel and OOP, I embraced the challenge, rapidly acquiring proficiency in these technologies. This learning curve not only expanded my skill set but also laid the foundation for a streamlined and efficient development process.

Creation of Custom Plugins

To address specific functionalities required by the LA Zoo, I developed a custom plugin. The plugin integrated Bootstrap, enhancing the website's front-end design and responsiveness. These plugins not only met the project's unique needs but also demonstrated my ability to deliver tailored solutions.

Custom Gutenberg Blocks and Integrations

Recognizing the importance of an intuitive and user-friendly content editing experience, I created custom Gutenberg blocks. These blocks empowered the client to craft engaging and visually appealing pages with ease. The seamless integration of these blocks showcased my commitment to enhancing both the development process and the end-user experience.

Complex Custom Post Types

To showcase the LA Zoo's vast array of animals and events in a structured and visually appealing manner, I designed and implemented several complex custom post types. These bespoke solutions ensured that the website effectively communicated the diversity and uniqueness of the zoo's offerings while allowing them to be categorized however the client wished, contributing to a rich and immersive user experience.


The LA Zoo website redesign project not only met but exceeded expectations, thanks to a combination of innovative development solutions and a commitment to excellence. The successful execution of this project not only strengthened my skills as a developer but also showcased my ability to lead and deliver impactful solutions in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. The LA Zoo's online presence was transformed into a vibrant, user-friendly platform that effectively communicates the institution's mission and engages visitors on a deeper level.

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