MidFirst Bank Website Redesign


Complete overhaul of MidFirst Bank's website to modernize their online platform while ensuring seamless integration with Kentico CMS.

Case Study: MidFirst Bank Website Redesign


MidFirst Bank sought a comprehensive overhaul of their website, transitioning to Kentico CMS for an enhanced digital presence. In collaboration with RIESTER, a leading design and marketing agency, the project aimed to modernize MidFirst Bank's online platform while ensuring seamless integration with the chosen CMS.

Creation of Fully-Responsive, Accessible Frontend

As the lead front-end developer, my responsibility was to translate the design concepts into a fully-responsive static HTML frontend, ensuring optimal user experience across devices and browsers based on the Adobe XD design files. I utilized Webpack to compile HTML from template files using Handlebars.js, SASS files into CSS, and Babel into JavaScript files. There also needed to be a larger focus on ADA compliance so I ran the site through several tools to ensure compatibility with screen readers and keyboard-only navigation.

Collaboration with Backend Developers

Working closely with backend developers, I facilitated the integration of the frontend with the Kentico CMS backend, ensuring a seamless and cohesive digital experience for MidFirst Bank's users. I spent many late nights and early mornings connecting with developers from varying time zones and reviewing their code to ensure it matched the static site I built.

Learning C# and .NET for Complex Navigation Component

Addressing the intricacies of a complex secondary navigation component, I undertook the task of learning C# and .NET to collaborate effectively with backend developers, ensuring the proper functionality and integration of this crucial element within the Kentico framework.

Content Migration and Training

To streamline the migration process, I dedicated extensive hours to migrating existing content to the new platform. Additionally, I played a key role in training multiple team members on the proper procedures for inputting and managing content within the Kentico CMS allowing for speedy migration of their most important content.


The MidFirst Bank website redesign project resulted in a modern, fully-responsive, and functionally sophisticated digital platform. The successful collaboration between frontend and backend development teams, coupled with my proactive approach to learning new technologies, allowed for the seamless integration of complex features. The comprehensive content migration and training efforts ensured a smooth transition, empowering MidFirst Bank to maintain an up-to-date and user-friendly online presence in alignment with industry standards. This project stands as a testament to my adaptability, collaborative spirit, and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions in the dynamic landscape of web development.

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