SkiPro Website Redesign


Complete migration of SkiPro business into the Shopify ecosystem, unifying their online and in-store operations into one simple solution.

Case Study: SkiPro Website Redesign


Facing the need for a comprehensive business transition, the SkiPro team aimed to migrate their entire business into the Shopify ecosystem, covering both their online presence and point-of-sale system. The project's primary goal was to seamlessly transition SkiPro's operations to Shopify while enhancing their online capabilities.

Extended Prebuilt Theme with Custom Functionality

To expedite the development process and maintain a cohesive visual identity, I leveraged a prebuilt Shopify theme. However, recognizing the need for custom functionalities tailored to SkiPro's unique requirements, I extended the prebuilt theme with bespoke features, using the Liquid templating system along with JavaScript and CSS to ensure a seamless and branded user experience.

Integration of Shopify Marketplace Plugins

To enhance SkiPro's online capabilities, I integrated relevant Shopify marketplace plugins, harnessing the power of third-party solutions to enrich the website's functionality. This strategic approach allowed SkiPro to access a broader range of features and services without compromising the stability of the platform.

Custom Filtering and Tags Functionality

Understanding the significance of an efficient catalog browsing experience, I collaborated closely with the SkiPro team to implement custom filtering and tags functionality. This tailored solution allowed customers to navigate SkiPro's extensive catalog with ease, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive shopping experience.


The SkiPro Website migration project resulted in a successful transition to the Shopify ecosystem, unifying their online and in-store operations seamlessly. The extended prebuilt theme, coupled with custom functionalities and the integration of Shopify marketplace plugins, elevated SkiPro's online capabilities. The implementation of custom filtering and tags functionality enhanced the catalog browsing experience, contributing to a user-friendly interface. This project showcases my ability to adapt and customize existing solutions to meet unique business needs, providing SkiPro with a robust and scalable platform for their continued success in the competitive retail landscape.

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